📌 Gold Chili, SS15. [halal]⁣⁣
📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣
Boneless Chicken Set [RM12]⁣
✨: Gold Chili’s rendition of the beloved Malaysian cafeteria staple involves a silky, luscious coating of butter and condensed milk over crispy yet juicy fried chicken. The fragrant flavours of curry leaves and the sweetness of the rich, dairy elements of the dish meld perfectly. A spoon of steamy white rice and a bite of sauce laden meat creates a simply heavenly mouthful. ⁣
💬: As much as it’s good, I wouldn’t travel to the area for the sole purpose of having a meal at Gold Chili. Would definitely consider going there if I were nearby though. ⁣
Do you like Malaysian style butter chicken (aka 奶油鸡)?⁣