Last night I tried the Chicken Chimichanga at Café Iguana. This Mexican appetiser consists of a deep fried burrito stuffed with chicken, a variety of grilled vegetables on top of rice and served with a generous dollop of guac and sour cream.

The vegetables were perfect! They were soft, fresh, and delicious. With every bite, I could taste the love that they put into their food. I thought the guac and sour cream provided a refreshing touch to every bite. However, I didn’t enjoy the chicken as much. Make sure you eat the food quickly, because once the burrito gets cold, it doesn’t taste as good.

Served on a wooden platter, the ambiance of the restaurant was pleasant and had a sweeping view of the Singapore River and CQ. I am on the quest to find the best Mexican restaurant in Singapore, and this may be it!

This restaurant is a bit on the pricey end, but is perfect for celebrations.

Riverside Point #01-03

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