With an interesting menu of Japanese-inspired food, Kumoya is bound to attract youngsters and dessert lovers with their homemade eclairs, macarons, madeleines, pancakes and parfait. That's quite a lot for a cafe, juggling both savory and sweet items!
The mini eclairs are really delicious. I have to say they fare a notch better than many out there. With their rich flavors, you can really savour the intensity of the respective ingredient used, e.g. coffee eclair has a strong coffee taste. Obviously, not skimping on the ingredients 😁
The fillings are generous too, filling up the entire inside of the pastry. It makes one feel satisfied from just savoring something so compact and bite-size yet full of punch 😻.
🍴8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
⏲Opening Hours: Tue to Fri, Sun: 12PM-10PM, Sat 12PM-10:30PM, Closed on Mon
☎️Tel: +65 6297 3727