It’s resided on the ground floor of Catholic Centre. Ordered 4 dishes - Miso Pulled Pork and Achar Burger, Franciscan Burger, Chilli Crab Spagehetti with Soft Shell Crab and Good Shepard’s Pie all only at $39.55 using 1-1 deals. It averages out to be $10/pax and it’s well worth the price. As a social enterprise, the service was great and the support from the crowd is quite good with a steady stream of customers coming in every 15 mins or so. Out of the four dishes, the Miso Pulled Pork and the Chilli Crab came out tops. The Pulled Pork was just nice with the right layer of fat and not too oily. Japanese and Peranakan cuisine all in a burger - this fusion is definitely not overbearing. Go support our very own Social Enterprise!