Dropped in with our niece for a bite on Saturday afternoon. It was full when arrived, so we had to wait for a few minutes for a table.
As per our S.O.P. (standard operating procedure), we ordered an assortment of items to share. One of these was the housemade potato hash ($7). Smothered in finely-grated cheese, it was extremely addictive - think rostï but in rectangular blocks and very, very crunchy. Portion is large as well so there’s plenty to go around if you are a group of 3 or 4.
Both of the burgers we chose came between medium-soft house-baked brioche buns and a side of potato chips. I preferred the scrambled eggs and bacon over the double cheese burger personally, but if you like your beef patties with a bit of a bite, theirs will suit you fine.
Xavier the owner kindly gave us a slice of their soon-to-be-launched cheesecake to taste. We loved it! It’s very rich, creamy and smooth, so it’s ideally enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Fortunately, Brawn & Brains’ coffee is one of Singapore’s best in my opinion. Their “Pen & Pencil” blend in cappuccino form is my go-to but I think a long black would be an even better complement for this cheesecake.

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