At $6 you get a bowl of traditional BCM with premium ingredients such as clams, scallop, abalone and handmade prawn balls. Loved the texture of the Mee pok and how it blended with the flavours of the Mee pok, but what I enjoyed the best was the chilli which really gave a spiciness that tingled on your lips even after you’re done. And I love my spice so that really set this bowl of noodles apart for me. The more unique ingredients like the handmade prawn ball was springy and delightful, and together with the soup on the side it was one comforting coffeeshop meal. I do like Jofa’s Meepok, but I can see how the slightly pricier options may turn people off. That being said, they have basic options without these ‘premium’ ingredients at $4.50, so it might still be decently priced for people who want their meepok fix. Best believe they’ll still be one of the options I’d return to.


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