When a business owner has a clear vision of his or her brand, and how to bring every aspect of it to life, that’s bold and refreshing.
I got a taste, quite literally, of that when Yugi (@cocktailmahout) got in touch with me and sent over cocktails and light bites from the @elephantroomsg, a culture-forward new spot inspired by Singapore’s Little India.
Typical of me, I got more caught up with the food which was audaciously delicious from the liberal use of Indian spices. With such intoxicating aromas on the palate, I found myself enjoying the Lamb Tacos ($18) even though I tend to avoid this meat as I find it too gamey. The finely-shredded lamb shoulder which came in a Puri taco, was fall-apart tender, juicy and extremely tasty from having been marinated in “sup kambing” spices for 12 hours. It came with a sauce that elevated tastiness further with its different dimension.
To my surprise, the Grilled Tiger Prawns Glazed in a Tamarind Curry ($24) were even better. It had me sucking on the shells to get at every bit of that incredible curry. The accompanying flatbread was wonderful as well - soft, chewy and ever so slightly sweet.
As for the cocktails, each had a fascinating backstory and were unique. While “Sippin’87” was a sweetish, coffee-forward little number (the team’s take on the Espresso Martini with savoury notes from caramelised onions and zest from kombucha), the “Tekka” cocktail paid tribute to the iconic Tekka Market in Little India by swirling together Old Monk Rum, fermented banana, Spiced Palm Jaggery and a hint of turmeric.

If you want to explore the flavours of this Little India-inspired joint, please tap on the link in the @elephantroomsg’s bio on Instagram for details.

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