I can’t help but praise Blue Willow's best-selling Grilled Pork Loin ($16+) for being beautiful. A thick round of meat sits elegantly on a bed of chopped vegetables. It has dark sauce underneath and is topped with chunky apple chutney, a peeled cherry tomato, eggplant pesto mashed potato, and finished with a tuile. Dollops of pesto mayo sauce, squares of purple beets, and thin slices of radish surround it.
I smelled this one before I saw it. The meaty chunk is quite lean with a strong flavour, making it a heavy meal. It's chewy without being overdone and tough. Give a thumbs up to the pesto flavour in the mashed potato and the soft, crunchy mushrooms and zucchini underneath. The house-made sauce is interesting to figure out and thick sweet black sauce β€” like the one in fried carrot cake β€” was one of its ingredients.