Got the chance to head down to 300Boru within Geisha Specialty Coffee for lunch today — serving up really affordable ramen and donburi for less than $10.00, it is needless to say that the space was actually pretty occupied during our visit at lunch hour though there seems to be a fast turnover for every table.

At $9.90, there isn't much to complain here — there's actually quite a good portion of salmon underneath all that savoury mayo. Overall though it's decent for its price, but if I were to nitpick, it seemingly tasted more of mayo; the slight char from the aburi just don't seem to be strong enough here. Still, the portion seems pretty substantial enough without leaving one in a food coma — a place that would satisfy the office workers/students in the neighbourhood for how it is of a decent quality at the price point. Looking forward to try their ramen the next time I make a visit; looked so good seeing what others have ordered.