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Only putting this here because The Coffee Daily was so so highly disappointing. This tea literally took an hour (we ordered at 3.09pm and it came at 4pm) and upon inquiring twice about it, we were simply told that they were still preparing it, with no other explanation. Unfortunately, the tea was very average and didn't warrant a 1 hour waiting time :( the iced chocolate (unpictured), which they gave instead of the cold brew chocolate because it wasn't available (among various other drinks on the menu), was just milk with chocolate syrup. Not sure if I'm expecting too much but I think a $7 iced chocolate shouldn't taste this bad. I think with the rise of competitiveness in the F&B industry, my expectations for cafes have increased - mediocre food and service is no longer acceptable. The space was crammed and there was hardly space to move around :( really sad cause I stay really near this cafe and it could have been my go to cafe for bringing friends and family. Will never come back unless there is some promise of improvement in the future :(