Concorde Hotel's Xin Cuisine is where filial sons and daughters will want to bring their parents and it's only partly because of the majestic dragon-sculpted gold pillar. Only available for weekday lunch or brunch on weekends, dim sum here is made from the heart and merits praise for consistency. For RM15, their Scallop Dumplings are well-worth its price and your parents will love you for the succulent treat. Both the Lao Sa Bao (RM9.50) and Char Siew Bao (RM9.50) boast soft, pillowy buns and flavour-packed fillings. Finally, attempt to coax your company into sharing an Ice Cream Mango Sago (RM13) — the mango-rich dessert is incredibly smooth, thanks to the presence of creamy coconut milk.
Avg Price: RM50
Photo by Burppler Jeff Lim

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