A hot day would certainly make us yearn for something cooling; well in this case it's the ice cream that we are longing for desperately to cool off those heat! In a row of shops with interesting layout of restaurants, pubs and even a wine bar located in damansara kim that happens to be near the TTDI MRT station; there lies a kiwi inspired ice cream parlor that surely makes you swoon in ever scoop that you have every time we visited this place.. Well you've guessed it, it's IDC! This is an ice cream parlor that is truly inspired by the kiwi brand of Kapiti! It's a pricey ice cream but it's all worth it in every mouthful! In this visit, we tried the Lavender Welsh Cake (RM15) which is one of their best seller plated dessert category. It's certainly caught our eyes with its interesting yet flavourful combo description! It's portion is just sufficient for 1 according to their friendly staff and it was all we need after a cleansing dinner. The presentation of this dish is really simple yet beautiful to the eyes with its sprinkles of dried cranberry that enhances its touch of the generous single scoop of vintage strawberry ice cream that was enveloped with 3 buttery welsh cakes alongside with a delicate drizzle of Manuka honey. The first bite of it were truly delicious as you get the tart yet crunchy and springy texture of the dried cranberry which compliments well with the sweetness of the Manuka honey and the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream.. it was a delightful treat in every spoonful that makes my little heart flutter! No wonder it's one of the best!

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