Mr. Dak Galbi arrived at our shores shortly after the dak galbi (stir-fried chicken) fad broke out but while others slowed down, this chain thrived beyond the trend with a cheesy edge. When you order the Dak Galbi Set (from RM64 for two pax), you get to watch your chicken stir-fried with vegetables, rice cakes, ramen, rice and cheese before your eyes at the table's flat-top stove. Here's where it gets cheesy — most come to this restaurant to binge on dak galbi with the optional Cheese Ring (RM17). The seriously indulgent cheese ring is filled with lava-like melting cheese, which serves as a sumptuous dip for your chicken before it reaches your plate. When splurging on such sinful eats, it's best to bring your squad and definitely, do it at dinnertime!
Avg Price: RM35
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Edric Lee