Many first-time customers tend to gravitate towards the burger or Iberico Pork as their choice of main. I would’ve done the same, given that this was my maiden visit to Spago. However, having taken the advice of several convincing reviews, it's time for me to cheep in and give you a heads-up: the Brioche Stuffed Australian Quail is where it’s at.

I’m no quail connoisseur (I can probably count the number of times I've had it on one hand), but the amount of flavour you can pack into such a tiny bird is remarkable. The main attraction, with its moreish brioche stuffing, is perched on fennel purée, along with swiss chard, pistachio gremolata, caramelised Comice pears, pearl onions and natural quail jus. An amply balanced main that deserves a whole lotta love.
Not that I wanted to ruffle any feathers, but had the need to maintain social propriety been absent, you would've seen me harassing the other patrons to "order the quail, for goodness sake!"