While an ikura laden oyster is not uncommon in Japanese restaurants, I’m really proud of our Truffle Oysters ($6) and Chinmi Chilli Oysters ($6) at Tanuki Raw because we take pride in coaxing the punchy, umami flavours out of our house-made sauces, using the best condiments we can source, to make our dishes uniquely Tanuki Raw.

Similar to other Tanuki Raw outlets, we only use π™‘π™žπ™«π™š oysters that are delivered daily and freshly shucked upon order at our latest outlet in Grafunkt (#04-01) at Funan. While frozen oysters are now readily available since we launched our Oyster Happy Hour back in 2012, we have nevertheless persisted in serving live ones at Tanuki Raw, as the difference between a live oyster and its frozen equivalent is palpable - at least to me. The live ones, with its fresh oyster liquor, remind me most of those days slurping on delicious bivalves at @themermaidnyc and @maisonpremiere in NYC. And it’s nice to recapture a little of those days of carefree travel, before kids (and covid), over a dozen and cocktails. πŸ’—