I was in need of some comfort food today when I stumbled upon So Pho. I had seen its outlets around, but haven't gotten the chance to try it. I had the very affordable Beef Brisket Pho ($10.8) and Ice Milk Tea ($4). It was quite nice, the broth was warm and tasty, and the beef, brisket, and meatballs were well done. Portion is generous and accessories come separately so you can customize it as you like. There is noticeably less onion and coriander than more authentic pho places, and it's reflected in the flavour of the broth. Hoisin sauce doesn't come on the table but is available upon request. It tastes like pho, but the flavours are tuned to be more palatable for the general population.

Milk tea is OK, was expecting something stronger, but it came out pretty similar to hawker center milk tea. Also worth mentioning that staff is friendly.

If you don't like pho or have never tried it before, I would recommend starting with this.

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