I decided to give this place a try because it came very well reviewed in Google (4.7/5).

We ordered the White Zone Calzone ($28) and the Pesto Pie ($26).

(Pictured) White Zone Calzone (Rating: 8/10)
Massive!! But the stuffing was undeniably delicious - never really had anything like it before. The crust was really good too but some parts of it were pretty burnt which was slightly off-putting. Loveddd the sauce!

Pesto Pie (Rating: 5.5/10)
Tbh nothing special and I don’t think the price is justifiable.

Super pretty restaurant with gorgeous fairy lights so I must say the ambience is super! However, do take note of the exclusions and additional charges with using Burrple for certain dishes. My friend and I (2 girls) could barely finish the calzone and 3 slices of pizza so that may be a consideration whilst ordering.