Tried the mint coffee (kohito) and dark choc drink for $7.5 total with burpple. Dark choc was not sweet (good for those who prefer non sweet drinks), but did not taste very chocolatey to me too? Mint coffee was rly bad imo, sour coffee + toothpaste.

What put me off the most was the service. The ordering place has 2 windows, one connected to the road outside and one connected to indoor seats. When my buzzer rang, i tried collecting from the window connected to the indoor seats since that made the most sense? But the staff told me I hav to exit the cafe to go outside to collect. When they could have literally grab my drink, turn their body n pass to me. The booth they were in was rly tiny btw. And when leaving the place i thot i was alr kind to clear my own cups, i placed them at the window connected to indoor again cos there were no dustbins. The staff then told me to exit the cafe n throw in the green bin outside. Uhh ok. Then can someone tell me whats the window connected to the indoor cafe for?