When my fam and I are in Bukit Merah, Fatty Cheong θ‚₯δ»”θ―¦ #01-120 is how I settle dinner. My plate of char siew and roast pork rice ($5) needs extra of their thick gravy. Your first bite of roast pork is crunchy from its crisp skin before it gives way to tender, fatty meat. Their 不见倩 char siew is a cut from the pig's armpit that's roasted till it exudes distinct BBQ smokiness. The slices are tender with a layer of fats that wrap around the chewy and lean portions. The rice, heavily drenched in black goo, is mildly sweetish and pairs deliciously with dollops of their chilli paste that's slightly spicy. This is a duo meat combo that can't go wrong as your default order when in the area.