Despite it being the end of the night (by the time I left, one of the staff was mopping the floor already), they still had a decent variety of ingredients, though some ran out (e.g. pulled beef).

Happy that I discovered Workspace Espresso Bar out of sheer coincidence; impressed with the quality, quantity & price point. Will definitely come back here to dine healthy again.

Even happier that I got to boost my cashback via Shopback GO to 20%, as it was my first visit & it coincides with this promotional period! After my first visit, it goes back to 3% cashback but that's still a good deal.

My cashback was tracked in a matter of minutes after I paid, though I understand with some cards & some merchants it may take a while longer.

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
📱 ShopBack GO partner
📶 Free WiFi available