Small store in Sunshine Plaza that always has a crowd of people at meal times. Came with a group of 6 and this was what we got.

What was nice:
- Golden eggyolk lava buns ($5.30 for 3) easily the best item on the table. Their bestseller and for good reason. Soft and fluffy bao encasing hot and gooey salted egg custard. Amazing.
- Bolo Charsiew Buns ($5.50 for 2) were crispy on the outside and piping hot on the inside
- 'Spring is in the air' Cheong Fun ($5.80) was so unique I had no idea what to expect. Seemed like a popiah with cabbage, carrots and prawn fillings which was also crispy? And wrapped in a smooth silky cheong fun skin? Actually tasted pretty good especially with the accompanying sweet sauce.
- Queen size siewmai ($5.50 for 4) were huge and chunky
- Carrot cake w/ XO sauce ($5 for 3) was decent but the XO sauce was standout
- Lupcheong glutinous rice ($7.80) was pretty good, save some of the XO sauce for this. Would have been better with some chilli shrimp paste, but I didn't ask

What I would skip:
- Xiaolongbao ($5.50 for 3) was forgettable but still alright
- Bolo Butter Buns ($5.50 for 2) literally the same as the charsiew buns but without the fillings and instad comes with lurpak butter, but at the same price
- Vinegar pig trotter ($9.80) too vinegary for my liking but had a decent amount of meat
- Sausage yam cake ($5.70) and Chee Cheong Fun ($5) was nothing outstanding

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