No longer set in the outdoors for a rustic breakfast spot, Ah Weng Koh in the new ICC Pudu still deserves a visit for its tasty offerings. Take mum here for breakfast after a market run. It's essential you snag a seat upon arrival lest they all get snapped up in seconds. Helpers marked by tin cans in their hands and towels around their waist will take your order. The Hainan Tea (RM2.40) is a must-have of smooth, aromatic milk tea beneath bubbly foam. On bites, get the Signature Kaya Butter Toast (RM2.40) if you like your bread crisp or the Kaya Margarine Bun (RM2.40) if you prefer it soft and pillowy. Both feature lavish spreads of homemade kaya, boosted by butter and margarine. Order also the Soft Boiled Eggs (RM2.20), served in a do-it-yourself tin of hot water. Pro tip: Remove eggs after 5 minutes for the perfectly wobbly texture. The Hainanese family running the business are known to be prickly when it gets busy, so get your orders sorted before they come to you.
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Happy GreedyFoodie