Set 2 consists of 2 choices of either jjajangmyeon/jjamppong or their rice alternatives, fried dumplings, and a plate of spicy fried chicken cubes.

The spicy fried chicken cubes were served before the noodles, which could seem odd as you’d think you would want to eat the chicken dish with your staple. However, the spicy fried chicken cubes were so good that I could not help but kept munching on them while I was waiting for the noodles. The chicken cubes were juicy and crispy, and fortunately, not too oily. The batter had a good crunch that was not too thick either, and the sauce was that of a spicy flavour with a hint of sweetness in a slightly stick consistency. I was torn between having to choose between their sweet and sour pork (Set 1), but I am glad to have tried this!


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