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Love sincere conversations like these where individuals can truly connect. Always felt that it is perfectly okay to share your struggles and our weakness is an important part of what makes us human, nothing to be fearful or ashamed of. The fact that we are challenging and striving to emerge victorious admist all these problems, to me, is strength in itself. 沒什麼好隱瞞或假裝,就不需要擔心害怕假面具會有被撕下的一天。堅強的人不代表不可以軟弱,真正的強大是能夠坦蕩蕩地直視自己的軟弱,包容它的存在並且和它並肩作戰。個人純粹只是不想散播負能量所以能自己扛的就自己扛,丁少覺得這是逞強所以自從有他在身邊,不論對方什麼事我們都會和彼此說。但如果要聊挑戰我的經驗值可不少,不用大肆宣傳但如果可以真正鼓勵到一個人我則很樂意分享。與其看他人表面上的成功而羨慕,不如想一想你願不願意經歷他在成功之前所克服的種種挑戰?到時若還心裡不平衡就去"羨慕"人家的智慧,毅力和認真過生活的態度吧~ #慧思敏語