Back at this lovely place for the westie to enjoy Japanese food at affordable-midrange pricing.

Fyi they having Hokkaido Oyster fair now. Read below!

Cravings for Japanese food and lazy to travel further than JE, I decided to come back to this fail-proof location.

Had a list of goodies naming:
Salmon bellies sashimi $5.80, Kaki(oyster) fried $13.80, Tonkotsu Karamiso Ramen $13.80, Wagyu Sukiyaki $24.80

Alas those sashimi is a wonder, thick succulent cuts - top grade feel. Each mouthful is a joy to behold which made us regret not ordering that kaisen don ~$39 as the neighbour beside us has a huge bowl to himself.

Nevertheless, wagyu sukiyaki was great, though I would prefer a thicker cut for mouthfeel texture! Ramen was spicy. I meant the soup but warms the soul on a cold rainy day.

Lastly, tried the fried oyster for a change and was pleasantly surprised. 4 pieces filled with the gooey whole hokkaido oyster in each piece. Dipped with the mixed mayonnaise sauce and it levels up the texture and substance to the overall kaki fried. Its delectable and juicy, if not for my pocket restraint I would have order another serving!

Btw they do have the premium hotpot at $100nett for free flow wagyu/queen crab or you could go for $70nett for a given set which I believe the former offer will be a good deal. Have yet to try but its on my wishlist.