@wawasg is renowned for their lala (Venus clam) beehoon, but I was in the mood for rice, and fortunately they delivered with their Fresh Clams In Signature Homemade Garlic Butter Sauce With Tasty Rice ($10.90 nett). Another claim to fame for Wawa is that all of the clams they cook are picked straight out of the seawater tank that splits the kitchen from the dining area right before cooking, ensuring maximum freshness.⠀

These clams were indeed fantastically fresh, with a slight sweetness and that charmingly chewy texture lala is so beloved for proving its freshness. The garlic butter sauce was delightfully creamy, thick & amply garlicky, but there was a pervasive note of bitterness throughout that indicated an undercooking of the garlic, or perhaps something fundamentally wrong with the sauce. It did undermine my enjoyment somewhat, and I hope it’s a one off. ⠀

As for the mountain of tasty rice, it lived up to its name and then some. The short grain rice was fluffy and appetisingly aromatic, absorbing the best elements of the cabbage, mushroom & yam bits, as well as the secret seasonings added in before steaming. There was a generous helping of the tasty rice and an acceptable amount of clams, but for $10.90 people would rightly expect more. Perhaps they could buff up this dish by including a side of simple vegetables to the mix.⠀

Overall, Wawa Lala Beehoon is aight, but nothing particularly special. Perhaps their lala beehoon is truly special, and I’ll probably be back to try that before handing down my final verdict.