The Beast is the largest salad you can possibly get at The Daily Cut, and for this we had three proteins, a complex carb and four supplements (The Beast allows only three, but we added one more additional cost). For proteins, we had the Turkey Breast, Tilapia and Tofu; the turkey breast would fancy clean eaters more while the Tilapia was surprisingly well seasoned and carried a smoky savoury flavour. Tofu Steak was surprisingly firm and succulent, after being chargrilled. Opted for Romainne Lettuce for the complex carb, while the supplements were sous vide egg, broccoli, quinoa and button mushrooms of which the last cannot be missed if you enjoyed sautéed mushrooms because of its strong earthy flavours. Like how they offer so much customization for their salads and even allows for addition of items at an additional cost which makes it more cost-efficient to share one with a few people. Sauces are also free for grabs; you can choose from a wide variety from a sauce bar where all are prepackaged in containers so you can try all of them. My favourite is the Ginger Ponzu for it felt like a Japanese Teriyaki spiked with a bit of wasabi; definitely matched well with beef steak! Will be back some day if I have the chance again :)