First time trying ramen at Kanshoku Ramen Bar.
Dining experience was not bad, server was quick, friendly and attentive. Kanshoku specialised in dry truffle ramen, which was first in Singapore, and also crowd's favourite, so I ordered their Dry Truffle Ramen and also their soup version which is the Signature Tonkotsu ramen.

When the dry truffle ramen ($16.90) was served to me, it was very aromatic, intense truffle oil fragrance lingering though the air! The truffle oil infused noodles were topped with ChaShu, onsen egg, shio kombu (salted kelp) and truffle shavings. Chashu had good balance of the meat and fatty ratio, were well marinated, well seared and blow torched. Umami, delicious and melt in the mouth.

Noodles are Hakata style, nice thin ramen noodles just like the angel hair pasta, had a nice good bite but for the dry truffle ramen, ramens were slightly on the drier side and sticking together. If you enjoy a denser eggy flavoured noodles, you can break the onsen egg, mix and let the gooey egg yolk coat the strands of noodles evenly. It depends on individual, some might think that by doing this will be abit overpowering and covers the truffle taste. I only break half to mix and test it out. Preferred eating the onsen egg on its own.

On the other hand for the signature Tonkotsu ramen ($13.90), their broth was boiled for over 8 hours with no added MSG and preservatives. Pretty decent broth flavour, while ingredients were quite straight forward. Overall quite an expected taste, not too much of wow factor.