Found R&B Tea’s variant of the Oolong Cheese Cream Tea to be extremely similar to Supertea’s variant — both uses the same tea leaves, while I have also noticed Supertea having a stock on R&B Tea’s cups in the stall while sipping on this.

Must say that after trying a number of versions of similar drinks, R&B Tea/Supertea’s variants still rank pretty high on the list — really liked how they are able to do 0% sugar here, while the tea, whilst being fragrant, doesn’t come overly strong considering how there isn’t an evident bitter tea aftertaste despite finishing the entire cup. The cream cheese comes decently thick here; while it does mix into the drink after a while, it’s not too clumpy, while one is still able to sip on it for a while before it gets mixed into the tea. The cheese also comes with a slight tinge of sweetness instead of being more on the savoury side; matches the 0% sugar tea well.