Sounds very movie-trailer-ish hahahahaha, but that's exactly what @marbleslabsg offered, and some of us #BurppleTastemakers had the chance to do some hands-on mixing at the outlet in Kallang Wave Mall couple of weeks back. I'm the type to mix flavoured sodas at fast food drink dispensers, so hell yeah this was 5 mins of playtime putting almost every ingredient in my bowl as long as nothing spilled (guess how I am at buffets). And prior to that spending 5-10mins choosing my ice cream base, which was Thai Milk Tea (BEST FLAVOUR) and Red Velvet combined (didn't fancy the other flavours there). I might've gone overboard with my mix a tad much, because halfway through my bowl I could feel the sugar loading up into my bloodstream... Thankfully saved by the cuppa hot Gryphon tea available at the counter to slow down the surge. Word of advice: add berries to the mix so that the slight sourness cuts down the sweetness from the ice cream and other sugary ingredients. Thanks #Burpple and #MarbleSlabCreamerySG for the invite!