This was from Malaysian Sidewalk Peddler, a humble little stall housed in Lavender MRT's Kopitiam, which erm, peddles Malaysian delights (mainly Ipoh, it seems). Items like Ipoh Hor Fun and Ipoh Prawn Noodles jostled for my attention, but I went for this nostalgic-sounding dish in the end. I can totally picture a peddler selling this from a tuk-tuk, in my own sepia-toned imagination.

Ok back to the verdict. This is somewhat similar to our local wanton mee, but there are some noticeable differences. The dark gravy was slightly thicker & sweeter, and goes well with their chilli; the charsiew were tender morsels of tastiness, and the noodles had more bite than the usual egg noodles, and didn't reek of "lye" at all. The wantons were more skin than meat, but some people like it that way. 🙃