The title of this post is self-evident of how sinful this burger is. In its original form, it is simply a baked Mac & Cheese sandwiched in between two burger buns.

Add on a juicy compact beef patty at $5 to give it that extra bite, and perhaps you could consider adding on a beef/turkey bacon or even a sunny side-up egg if you intend to turn the other cheek on being health-conscious.

There are several sides you could choose to add on to your burger. I got the Old Fashioned Truffle Fries, which is your rehashed formula of shoestring fries fried in truffle oil and garnished with shredded parmesan. I'm not complaining though - I generally swing with them. The ones we got were lukewarm, to my slight disappointment, but they are still pretty darn tough to resist.

If you're around Bugis or North Bridge Road, consider giving Wilder a go. They can be easy to miss as their small hideout blends in the scattershot of halal cafés nearby, but they are recognisable by their rustic, nature-inspired brownness. (7.5/10)