From Sin Bedok North BBQ Chicken Wings Store at 85 Fengshan Centre. From what I know, there are 3 stalls which sell grilled chicken wings here. The most famous sells it at $1.30/pc. This and another stall sells it at $1.40/pc. Safe to say that I can’t tell much difference in terms of taste - after all it’s a dish that is pretty hard to go wrong. At least for this stall, their chicken was hot, grilled and beautifully charred. It was 10c more than another stall but there wasn’t a queue, although they gave me a heads up that I had to wait for 30 minutes (probably means they’re quite famous too right?😂). I guess my only gripe is that their chilli wasn’t served with lime. Not sure if it’s because it’s a takeaway and they forgot to give, or they genuinely don’t have it with their chicken. Unfortunately, lime would really add another layer of flavour to grilled chicken wings which I utterly adore. Nonetheless dipping the chicken with chilli only is suffice as well, because its just simple deliciousness.