@walkingonsunshine.cafe ran out of seafood pancakes the night I went, so I settled for their $10 (before gst) kimchi pancake. Well, settled is a really harsh way to describe it given just how delicious it was.⠀

Make no mistake, that pancake is thoroughly infused with the essence of gochujang. Plus, there is an abundance of cabbage strips within to double confirm the presence of kimchi in the pancake, and for a little added crunch. To top it all off, there’s corn hiding somewhere in that pancake, so expect a crunchy & mildly sweet burst every now and then.

Do note that it’s a lot fatter & starchier than the standard kimchi pancake from any other Korean eatery you might be used to. Don’t make the same rookie mistake I did, and order it thinking that it’s gonna be a nice, light side dish. Boy was I wrong!⠀

You know what’s odd? @walkingonsunshine.cafe kimchi pancake is a perfect fit in their $10 bar bites menu. Oh wow, what a coincidence! That ties in perfectly with their twenty dollar free flow (!!!) beer fresh from the tap promo, which runs from noon till nine thirty DAILY. That’s right, 1200 till 2130 EVERY DAY. Somebody hold me right now, cause imma flop on the floor like I’m a pancake. A hot, delicious kimchi pancake. Mmm-mm.