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For the second course, the $28 Express Lunch Set calls for a choice of Tostada de Atun or Tostada de Res. The former seemed like the more popular (and lighter) choice of the two. Just as well, but the carnivore in me was enticed by the charming Tostada de Res.

Unlike regular shredded or minced beef, the grass-fed Angus sirloin served in this dish reminded me of seared beef tartare – tender yet pleasantly chewy. One bite, and I was hooked.

This was topped with red onions, crispy leek and a chipotle mayo that went exceptionally (but unsurprisingly) well with everything. I wouldn’t recommend this to those who abstain from raw/partially cooked beef; it’s best to check with the waitstaff.

In the background: De Pescado taco