On Thursday, I had a rather atypical dinner starting with delivery being done by none other than @alanloveshisboys (again, thank you so much for doing that, Alan). He passed me two Bentos from @kapposhunsui - they‘re part of the restaurant’s NEW Takeaway Menu. Breathtaking in presentation, the contents were a feast for the eyes. And the Japan-made boxes that held the food, were simply exquisite with a gorgeous lacquer finish.
There is no doubt much effort had been put into sourcing for the best of the season and every edible thing in the two Bentos was very fresh and of top quality, which is important since prices are on the higher end.
The Tsubaki Early Summer Bento ($130), a two-tiered structure, held these in its upper box: Dashimaki Tamago, Miso-marinated Silver Cod, Egg Miso-marinated Salmon, Roasted Duck, Lettuce Soup with Fresh Tofu Skin and Sesame Tofu, Skewer of Tamagoyaki, Kurama Ebi and Shishito Pepper, Lemon Bowl Ikura, Bamboo Rolled Gluten, Kamo Eggplant with Miso Paste (my fave!!), Grilled Abalone and Asparagus, Autumn Leaves Gluten, Broad Beans and Pickled Japanese Ginger.
The bottom box contained Conger Eel Sushi, Baby Sardine with Japanese Pepper Rice, Bamboo Maki Sushi and Shibazuke Pickles.

Accompanying the Bento was a large serving of an intense Miso Soup concocted with Japanese Pepper, Steamed Miller Wheat Gluten, Nameko Mushrooms and Mitsuba.

To indulge in @kapposhunsui’s premium Japanese delicacies, please call 6732 0195 to order. Alternatively, you can shop online at:


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