Popped by @hicjuicesg's cafe at Centrepoint a while back for an Acai bowl (I love Acai bowls, they're like the healthy cousins of ice cream and yogurt.) I love how this juice company has branched out so much. They now do Acai bowls, and they offer a SOUP cleanse on top of their juice cleanse. I complained a while back that juice cleanses suck cause it's all sweet and sickly after 3 days of fruits and veggies pressed into a watery pulp. But with a soup cleanse, you've got sweet AND savoury. Fair warning though, it's not thick and rich soup. Yes, it has plenty of flavour, but there's a... Lightness to it that reminds you that their soups are cleansing. I loved the creamy mushroom and tomato basil. Before you embark on a cleanse, you should pop down to the cafe to try out a few flavours. They're sold individually here with the Acai bowls and ice creams! It's about two servings per bottle so you'll be really full after :) anyway, I'm only putting this up now cause I feel like I've been indulging a bit too much lol. So... I might attempt a cleanse soon. MIGHT. #hicjuice