Yes, I am back to my hometown over the weekend to run some errands. Brought D along this time around and I told my mom that I am craving to crabs. So, this explains. Hahaha.. The crabs are quite meaty and the server mentioned that all their crabs are from Indonesia. We ordered Chilli Crab 👍👍(900g, MYR 106.20) , Pork Chop (MYR 26) , Four Seasons Beans with Squid 👍👍👍 (MYR 25), Golden Beancurd (MYR 16) and Salted Egg Long Beans👍👍👍 (MYR 15). All these dishes for 6 pax, overall the bill is MYR 219.85 inclusive the miscellaneous items ( 6 wet paper towels , tea, peanuts, 6 rice, 6% GST). The verdict was the crab was decent but the four seasons beans with squid and the salted egg long beans won us over. Definitely worth revisiting again. #burpple #burpplemalaysia #burpplemy #ipoh