This has got to be the BEST Chendol I've ever eaten, and the only one that I will ever eat (for now)!! If you do not really like strong coconut taste, this is for you. This is a perfect combination of sweet and salty flavours - a mixture of savory and sweetness. This is all found in the main few ingredients - the homemade (mind you HOMEMADE) pandas jelly that's super fragrant, the coconut which is sweet and light, and the most important of all... The GULA MELAKA...!! The GULA Melaka was just like having salted caramel drizzle all over the Chendol. When you mix it together it is just an interesting but yet good blend of sweet and salty flavours done perfectly right. This is surely a very special Chendol and one you cannot miss. What's more, you won't feel jelat at all! The colour of the pandan jelly is definitely different from the normal ones you find outside, and that's because it is homemade. The texture is good too. The price? It's $1.50 for a normal bowl which I thought it not too bad (isn't it?). This is just the original one - you can add on more ingredients like sweet corn, glutinous rice, red bean and... DURIAN!! This is definitely worth a try!