XO Food Tour - this bike tour brought us to the various districts in Saigon, away from the touristy central district. Food was good, but not spectacular. We had Beef Noodle ( not Pho), some BBQ mutton which district 8 is renowned for, and seafood in district 4. The clam with peanut and salt is sick, probably the best thing I had for the night. What I enjoyed more is the history behind each district, and how the guide introduced us to what each district is famous for. Not the typical in-your-face-Vietnam-food but local street food nonetheless. And I realise that you can turn anything into Vietnamese by pairing it with basil leaves.
And oh, I finally tried the duck egg embryo!!! Wasn't as gross as I thought, was much harder than I imagined it to be for an embryo :) #foodie #achievementunlocked #eatdieme #vietnam #street #food #danielinhochiminhcity #day1 #biketour #vietnam2014