Can't decide whether this is fishball noodles or bak chor mee (minced meat noodles). 💫
1. It has lots of minced meat (bak chor). 💫

2. There's vinegar in this, but there's also tomato sauce. 👀

3. Then there's fishball and fish dumpling... and my friend says it's bak chor mee... 💫

But since the signboard is as such and there's 🍅 sauce(!? - how noodles can pair with 🍅 is beyond me), it should be fishball noodles. One of those stalls with a long queue at lunchtime at Amoy - be prepared to wait at least 20 mins because they cook one bowl at a time. Noodles here are cooked to the soft side.The star is the accompanying soup and lotsss of lard. Worth the queue? Well - it's about as much as I like tomato sauce in my noodles.