Unfortunately, the location isn't the most ideal, but if you look hard enough you'll find it. Quite the hidden jem.

I tried 2 dishes - these aren't their best sellers, but they were enough for me to return to try the rest of the menu out. (Says quite a lot)

Due to my partner's dietary restrictions, I didn't order anything with red meat or seafood - so I ordered these 2 pasta dishes. They look strikingly similar, but are worlds apart in taste.

Black Truffled Mushroom Cream Pasta ($20, left)
& Housemade Cilantro Pesto Mushroom Pasta ($17, right). Prices are nett; no GST or service charge. "Monte with Butter to finish", which the waitress didn't know what it meant (but cheerfully went to check), means "tossed in butter to finish". We requested the chef not do this & he kindly obliged. That's great, being able to cater to people with different dietary needs.

The Pesto Pasta had a great kick to it, with a decent level of spiciness that wasn't too difficult to swallow. Truffled Cream Pasta was my favourite, with the cream not too overbearing & the truffle smell & taste definitely distinct. For both dishes, mushrooms were hearty & juicy. If I had to choose, I'd order the Truffle Cream Pasta again-- but bear in mind, my dishes weren't tossed in butter; I am quite confident that the Pesto Pasta would've been less dry if tossed in butter.

I already can't wait for my next visit!

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