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Amidst the party bars of Boat Quay comes this surprising find — a super laidback drinking spot along Circular Road. They even have a beer pong table set up on Fridays and Saturdays! Drinks wise, they have both bottled beers as well as a rotation of beers on tap — we tried the Thai Black Tea Pale Ale ($10) that they had that night, and loved how it was very flavourful yet light, and a cheap and great option for the rest of the night. We also like Dead Guy Ale ($16) and yummy cider La Chouette ($15), easily the most apple-y, satisfying bottled cider we've had. This is a perfect place for chilled out Friday night drinking with friends, but as the food here leaves much to be desired, we highly suggest you have your dinner elsewhere first.
Avg price: $15 per person (drinks only)
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan