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From 15 July - 31 August, Mr Bean is running a promotion on their Singafour Eggwiches where you can enjoy two for $5.40 instead of $7. The two eggwiches available are the Butter Chicken and Chilli Crab. Unfortunately there wasn’t any Chilli Crab left, so I could only try the Butter Chicken (which I was most excited about anyway).

Cutting into the pancake, it’s immediately clear that they are really generous with the filling and chicken. The Butter Chicken filling is really fragrant and aromatic. The gravy is thick and creamy, while the chicken is soft and tender. I felt that the egg was quite tasteless though, but maybe it’s because the taste of the butter chicken filling overshadowed it. What was an unexpected treat was that the egg yolk was slightly runny, adding a luscious mouthfeel. While this pancake filling may not reach the level of a Butter Chicken dish at an Indian Muslim stall, it way exceeded my expectations. This would be suitable for someone craving a snack, in the mood for some Indian, but not willing to commit to a full Butter Chicken order. While it’s quite expensive to buy at regular price, I think the 2 for $5.40 offer is reasonable. Catch it before it’s gone!

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