The new bakes by Executive Pastry Chef Alex Chong at “Dolcetto by Basilico” are very, very good and definitely worth the calories!
For mocha lovers, the Cornetto Doppio Chocolate ($6) is sure to please as his rendition of the Italian equivalent of the French croissant is a delight of double chocolate with strong espresso.
Although seemingly basic next to the others, the Italian Croissant ($5) was a fragrant, crisp yet not overly flaky marvel as it’s made using Beppino Occelli butter (a traditionally dairy farmed butter), skimmed and fresh cream. I found it delicious on its own but spread with the accompanying whipped vanilla butter and housemade strawberry jam, managed to blossom further.
The Tortino in Sfoglia ($5) which means “thin leaf” in Italian, is the bake that resembles stacked leaves. Woven into a handy muffin shape, it’s filled with an espresso ganache and coated in Amalfi lemon-scented sugar. I enjoyed this uncommon flavour combination immensely too.

Highly recommend you give them all a try the first time round, so you can suss out your preferences. Do have a look at the link-in-bio at @regentsingapore’s Instagram account to order.