The dish was aromatic, chicken cubes were very crispy - with each crunch it was just an explosion of delicious oil (trying not to think about h e a l t h). The mala spices was actually not too spicy or numbing, so it was easy to eat and finish.

The plate looked huge but there wasn’t many chicken cubes in the pile - it was quite fun going on a hunt for them!

$16 is a little expensive for how little meat there is in this dish. We used the Beyond 1-for-1 deal so that made it slightly more affordable.

Service wasn’t very great, we were served one dry pot dish where they had forgotten to put wax and light the fire - and they really took a long time to get back to us for this. The waiting times for food was quite long, we finished this chicken dish before our other dishes even arrived.

It was quite packed on a weekday evening, but fortunately we made a reservation. Do note that if you make a reservation, all your guests have to be present before the restaurant allows you to be seated.