Affordable Chinese home cooked food for the masses! S$5.80 (S) / S$7.80 (M)

It comes in a sizzling hot claypot, reminiscent of Pepper Lunch; A generous portion of bite-size pieces of golden-brown chicken and freshly cut dried chillies often used in Sichuan Mala (麻辣) recipes. As I took my first bite, the first thing that struck me was the warm-hot temperature of the dish. It was just nice, a great and consistent temperature for anyone to enjoy a warm-hearted meal. Then comes the heavy aroma of sesame oil, garlic and onion from the traditional sauce. The essence of the sauce lies in its thickness: A beautiful mixture of sesame oil and meat juices infused with the fragrance of dried chillies. It was mildly spicy without the numbness, perfect for children who struggle with spicy food. The succulent chicken is tender and moist with a surprisingly smooth texture like chicken thigh. Topped with spring onions, scallions and garlic chives, the Spicy Sesame Claypot Chicken is a classic chinese household dish.

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