Hello, I’m posting it on Holland Drive Market (instead of the Maxwell branch) as I know this is the main branch and I am a regular here, and the boss is usually at this branch.

My day started off with a family breakfast at my place. My wife jio-ed me to eat ruji BCM as we miss ruji meatballs since Holland Drive’s branch been closed for 2 months for reno. So we decided to come here, jio-ed our families to the Maxwell branch. Hyping them up to the fabulous ruji BCM.

We took an hour to travel here from across Singapore. Upon reaching here, Maxwell is crowded as always. We still decided to queue for ruji.

At the stall, we ordered 5 bowls in total, splitting 3-2 bowls by 2 different people (wife and me) to queue so as not to confuse the 2 uncles. Wife ordered 3 bowls - 1 (1) and 2 (2)s. Lol. When we saw the (2), we immediately called it out to the uncles that (2) should be all meatballs and not 2 fishball 1 meatball. (See the photo!!! Its meatball for (2)) the uncles told us its standard. Wa the uncle cooking even screamed and scolded my wife saying, “if want all meatball must say!!!” Grr… what even. After scolding and mumbling, they angrily changed the 2 fishballs to 2 meatballs. Ok cool, told wife to go back to our seats first.

Next is my turn, I ordered the 2 bowls now. Explicitly told them what I want in a stern tone so they don’t guailan me, ALL MEATBALLS!!! Uncle didnt had enough meatballs so he opened the fridge on the right to pour some meatballs out. Unfortunately, one fell onto the floor. My heart skipped a beat. 💔 but it shattered into a thousand pieces when the meatball was kicked around, and I saw the counter uncle picked it up and, went to wash it and pass it to the cooking uncle!!! 💔💔💔 i still saw that the cleaning standard sign was A!!! Omg. 😱😱😱

The meatball is probably in my tummy now and I’m psycho-ing myself the germs is boiled with hot water and disappeared. 🫠

Anyway i’m spending 20mins of my family time to write this review with a hope for improvement. I hope uncles be more customer obsessed, and also be more careful when preparing food because I love ruji BCM and cant wait for Holland Village Drive Market to grand opening again tomorrow (or Tues since Ruji is closed tomorrow).

Thank you for reading.