First post will be my birthday lunch at Wakey Wakey with my girlf๐Ÿ˜Œ
Damn the service was superb. Loved the ambience.
Ordered 4 items.
1. Magic mushroom
2. Grain bowl (sous vide beef)
3. Buttermilk waffle (Greek yogurt and fruits)
4. Flat white

Picked the magic mushroom over truffle fries because itโ€™s something different and damn it did not disappoint. It was so juicy and crunchy Iโ€™m def getting more of it in future.
It was my first time trying sous vide beef so I canโ€™t really give any remarks on it

I love my waffles and this waffle offered a soft bite, it tasted real good but I wished the outer layer could have been a little crunchier(: Overall definitely a cafe I would go back again to try other food in the menu, canโ€™t wait!! #burpple #cafehoppingsg