Besides the dashi broth ramen, Enishi also serves, without any doubt, the best dan dan mian in town.

The noodles are served in a unique and bold peanut sauce which is both nutty and savoury. It is then topped with nice soft tender chunks of char siew, minced pork, diced onions, fried onions, pickles and mizuna and an onsen egg on the side.

There are also instructions on how to enjoy this dish. You can choose from three different types of vinegars (spicy, orange or kelp) or to add a dash of the dashi broth which is provided on the side, to change the flavours of the noodles and fit your own palate.

This may sound strange but I felt that the dish goes best with the orange vinegar which is citrusy and tangy. The medley of flavours from the nutty peanut sauce, the fragrant and refreshing orange vinegar and the savoury shredded char siew was simply divine.

A meal at Enishi is indeed on the pricey side but totally worth the price.